Packaging is a core part of Plastics By Graymaur’s product offering. Flexible and tailor-made solutions exist for every application and every market segment. Specialising in Supply Chain Packaging, Plastics By Graymaur have the solution for you. From Injection moulded bins and crates to custom designs, fabricated in either Corruplas/Correx or HDPE to meet their client’s requirements. All bins and crates, fabricated or moulded can be supplied with or without plastic or foam inserts or just simply Internal lining for product safety in both ESD (Electro Static Discharge) and standard grade polymers.

  • Injection Moulded Plastic Bins and Crates. in various sizes. Industrial strength
  • Fabricated Custom Correx or HDPE Bins or Crates. with dust covers, stacking corners, edge strips and ID pockets
  • Layer pads of all types from slip sheets, correx sheets, die-cut or roller pressed.
    All crate and bins, whether they are Injection moulded or fabricated can be fitted with additional products such as Foam Inserts, vacuum-formed Interlayers and Polyurethane components for protective packaging of critical parts. As well as Custom Designs Moulded in Integral Skin Foam.

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