Plastics By Graymaur pride themselves in being a solutions-based company who are striving to be leaders in their division taking your ideas and turning them into reality. Plastics By Graymaur has extensive experience and capabilities in the Automotive Parts Packaging sector, specialising in Vacuum Thermoformed Interlayers and fabricated Lineside Parts Packaging concepts in both standard and ESD (Electro Static Discharge) material grade applications.

Plastics By Graymaur also offer Specialised Plastic Welding Services, Polyurethane and Elastomer products including foam products such as Integral Skin Mouldings. Graymaur also offer solutions for Composite and Engineering Plastic material conversions, including comprehensive CNC Machining in 3D. In addition Graymaur also offers Acrylic Fabrications and Screen-Printing, Aerosol Screens or Partition Fabrications including Signage.
Graymaur also offer assistance with Custom Innovative Designs|Concepts of just about any nature to the public and entrepreneurs through-out South Africa.

Plastics By Graymaur also supply the following to various industries across South Africa and Abroad, Suppliers of Injected or Rotational Moulded products such as Bins, Crates, Sanitizing Foot Baths, Hands-free Portable Basins and Colour Coded Recycling Bins and are Agents for various top brands such as Parrot Products, Leister Welding Equipment, Prolong Lubricants and PTFE Glass Filled Cloth (Teflon Tape).