Covid19 Coronavirus Epidemic

Plastics By Graymaur are proud to announce that they have been part the fight against Covid19 and have played a massive role in the support to frontline. Innovative concepts and ideas, turned into reality.  #Stay Safe Aerosol screens of all types and sizes, custom made to client requirements. Walkthrough foot sanitizing baths Handsfree sanitizing dispensers Covid19 Signage Portable Roto moulded washbasins with foot pump action. ...

Geared Up And Ready To Go Thermoforming

The State Of The Art vacuum forming / thermoforming manufacturing plant in Port Elizabeth. Plastic By Graymaur provide thermoforming and vacuum moulding service to industries such as signage, architectural and interiors, medical, engineering and automotive manufacturers. Vacuum forming is a simplified version of thermoforming, where a sheet of plastic is heated to a forming temperature, stretched onto a single-surface mould, and forced against the mould by a vacuum. ...

Double Containment Water Purification Tanks

Plastics By Graymaur advanced tank capabilities include 15 000L double containment tank. The applications for the double containment tanks include chemical storage for water treatment, hazardous chemical storage, secondary containment tanks, wastewater requirement. The double-wall storage tanks meet and exceed regulations for secondary containment systems and will provide years of safe liquid storage.

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