Plastics By Graymaur is at the forefront in manufacturing polyurethane and foam components, boasting in-house design and tooling facilities.

As one of South Africa’s leading producers of polyurethane and foam products, Plastics By Graymaur manufacture, refurbish and supply components for a wide range of uses. Their products are diverse and versatile and so are they.

Plastics By Graymaur supply polyurethane and foam products to the Steel, Automotive, Aerospace, Paper,
Oil and Gas, Earth Moving and Concrete manufacturing industries to name just a few, Plastics By Graymaur have a design, development and production consultancy service enabling us to tailor-make products to your specific requirements, supported by a full range of in-house engineering capabilities, Plastics by Graymaur offers both large and short production runs along with consultancy in all aspects of design, development and production.

Their experience enables them to provide leading advice on design, development and production and work alongside engineers to develop new products.
Delivering your product to you, on time, is an important part of the process.

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